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      Anhui Yongchang Metal Products Co.,LTD

      Founded in march 2010, With more than thirty million CNY total investment, Covers an area of more than twenty thousand square meters, Anhui yongchang metal products co.,ltd is located in Anhui province, China.
      With researching, designing, developing and manufacturing, we have become a professional and specialized company, which is engaged in offering high quality aluminum alloy wheels and other aluminum alloy products like Motorcycle alloy wheels, ATV alloy wheels, Automobile power steering pump body . Our executives and main technical person were all once core members of large and also famous wheels-manufacturing factories. All of these have made the annual production capacity of 800000 sets of motorcycle alloy wheels become reality.
      We have set up of a goal of offering high quality products since the company’s found. We have the advanced production equipments and advanced production crafts.
      Quality can be assured and well controlled through our spectrum analysis machines, hardness testing machine, heat treatment series equipments, impact test enginery and other advanced testing equipments.
      With senior professional engineers and high efficient management team, our company strictly enforce the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14000 quality system, We also make great efforts to carry out 6 S management methods and hold the principle of culture to be soft, system to be hard as our culture of management.
      Our stable supply of high quality products, better after-sales service have won us a lot of reputations among our customers, in the mean time , we also received much support from them. With the range to more than 60 different kinds of products, 90% of our products sales well in Taiwan, South America, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and many other countries around the world.

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      Anhui Yongchang Metal Products Co.,LTD

      Address:YangChunPu Road,LangXi economic development district,xuancheng ,anhui,china



      ?Q? Q? :2355490090




      Our products and services


      Anhui Yongchang Metal Products Co.,LTD

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